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03-18-2013, 08:16 PM
In my opinion, there are three phases to this game. Phase one, leveling up. Phase 2, hitting lvl 50 and shifting focus to ship building. Once that's done, at least for me , the focus has moved to the social aspects of the game; Fleets, RP and whatnot.

And I don't understand the disdain people have for PvP. If you want a challenge, that's the thing to do. PvE is predictable. You know what ships to what, and in what order. A cube is always going to spit a plasma torp, followed by a tractor beam. A galor will always use evasive maneuvers and feedback pulse. What PvP brings is unpredictability; people are infinitely devious, and you never know with what you're going to be hit. And as a bonus, becoming a decent PvPer will make you a godlike PvEer.

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