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# 1 Holo-synth by Darcanis
03-18-2013, 08:54 PM
Name: Holo-synth

Author: Darcanis

Language: English

Alliance: Federation

Level: Any Level

Time: 10 -30min depending on how you play

This is my first attempt at making a mission so it may be a bit crude in design.
There are a lot of enemies. However, I was able to play through without dying by using some strategy before lowering forcefields.

Mission length is between 10 min and 30 min depending on if you read the text or just skip through and fight enemies only.

Generally if you only like action then this is not the mission for you as I was trying for some humor and setting up for future story-lines involving a new race and the darker side of the Federation.

I am also testing the waters, as it were, and getting a handle on the foundry.

Hope you enjoy. I'm sure as my foundry skill improves and I learn more things I will someday do a remake of this mission adding a lot more dialogue and effects.

I had to reduce my vision of this mission a lot due to foundry limitations, but hopefully in time those limitations will go away.

I know it's not the greatest mission ever, but gotta start somewhere right. lol


Lost in an unknown location, aboard a starbase which is about to fall into a blackhole you must discover the truth behind a horrifying black ops experiment that could destroy the federation!

Go to "Utopia Planitia via Wolf 359"
Once at Wolf 359 choose to go to Utopia Planitia