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03-18-2013, 09:06 PM
PVE only build here.
Human with Accurate and Leadership.

Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Excelsior)

Fore Weapons: MkXI Phaser Dual Beam Bank (Acc, Dmg x2); MkXI Phaser Beam Bank (Acc, Dmg x2)x2, MkXI Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Acc,Dmg x2).

Rear Weapons: MkXI Phase Beam Bank (Acc,Dmg x2)x3; Borg Cutting Beam.

MkXI Assimilated Borg gear, Deflector Shield and Engines.

Devices: Weapon, Shield, Engine, Auxilary batteries. (I tend to not use them.)

Eng Consoles: MkXI blue EPS Flow Console, Zero Point Energy Console, MkXI blue Neutronium Armor x2.
Sci Consoles: MkXI blue Emitter Array, Assimilated Module.
Tac Consoles: MkX blue Phaser Relay x3.

Boff layout:

Lt. Cmdr Tac: Tac Team I, Hi Yield Torp II, Beam Fire at Will III.
Cmdr Eng: EmPower to Weapons I, EmPower to Shields II, Reverse Shield Polarity II, Aux to SIF III.
Lt. Eng: Eng Team I, EmPower to Shields II.
Ens. Eng: EmPower to Engines I
Lt. Sci: Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II.

Rare (blue) Projectile Weapons Officer, (Reduce Torp cooldown)
Uncommon (green) Warp Core Engineer, (Additional Power on use of "EmPower to" abilities.)
Rare (blue) Damage Control Engineer, (Reduce cooldown of "EmPower to" abilities.)
Very Rare (purple) Astrometrics Scientist. (Reduce cooldown of Transwarp.)

Power Levels:
Weapons: 100/127~
Shields: 50/78
Engines: 25/54
Auxiliary: 25/55

Plans for improvement:
Procure Fleet version.
Switch Quantum with Romulan Torp launcher and try out switching Tac Boff abilities, High Yield II to Beam Fire at Will II and Beam Fire at Will III with Attack Pattern Beta II.
Switch to Romulan Plasma Beams when available, along with suitable MkXI (blue) equivalent Tac consoles (Plasma to sync with Romulan Energy Harness.) Same setup (with room for the Experimental one.)
Procure Very Rare Warp Core Engineer, Damage Control Engineer Doffs.
Get the right type of Shield Sci consoles. (FIELD emitter, not Emitter Array doofus.)
Additional items as they occur to me.


Currently I am happy with the above build, being able to place 2nd/3rd in most PuG Stf's where that matters.
I know when to use Beam Fire at Will so that it only hits what I want and I keep targets in my broadside arcs with no problems. I don't like Aux2Batt builds for the same reason I don't like being in an escort: I like doing more than looking at my ability tray. I could get away with only 1 EmPower to Shields II with normal STF's but during Elites I find I have to cycle that ability more.
I also mainly use Tac Team as a 'Clear Tac Debuff' ability than damage buff/shield facing buff. Mainly because when I DO use it for the Shield Facing, I get hit with an Assimilate Ship and have to wait it out and suffer it rather than mostly ignoring it.