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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
Nope. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by law, provided it is not offensive or harassing in nature.
Wrong, it doesnt extend to private forums.

and by the way, cryptic doesn't own this forum, its licensed property from another company, and the internet is public. Even if they did, there are still rules about how you are allowed to treat customers
Wrong again, they licensed the software that the forums run but such licenses dont generally attempt to censor or force anything on the licensee in terms of what rules are enforced on the forum TOS.

so by that logic it took what? 60 months (you know, about 5 years) to create the missions that are currently in the game? I don't think so
Its irrelevant how long it took, I take his word or of any Cryptic staff over how things are done at their place of work over some random guy on the Internet.

Also considering how assents are leaked occasional that timeframe is not wrong either, the D'deridex Defender ended up on the spawn list weeks before the Vault Event gone live, also more recently we had Wells ships spawning in the Azure Rescue also well before the Temporal Ambassador come out.

What I dont think so is you going around telling someone that said "it takes us about a month to make a mission" that actually WORKS on it and pretty much say "well, I know better".

Everyone here knows STO issue is the small team, its not a question of taking a month ... its a question of the team SIZE only being able to do 1-2 missions at the same time, companies with larger staff of course can make more, not because they are "faster" but because in the same time they can work on 7-10 missions.

I could go on ... stuff on maps is not that hard, STO on the other hand doesnt work on such type of missions because the closest to typical MMO area are the adventure zones that can just add new quests by spawning NPCs and work on the drop spawns but STO every mission very much works as a DUNGEON that is a very different beast.

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