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03-18-2013, 09:24 PM
My Saurian Engineer, Vice Admiral Draco, had his ships named after dragons, such as the Wyvern, the Drachenstein, the Whelp, the Grand Dragon, the Iron Leviathan, and his Odyssey the Dragon Rage.


My Gorn Tactical, Lieutenant General Ocard (very original, I must say), had less of a theme. I started by naming ships after crocodiles and similar species, but that got boring (not to mention I ran out of those names) and I decided to go with whatever I felt like.

His Negh'var is the IKS Skittles 'cause it has a full rainbow of beam arrays.

The Bortas is the King Ghidorah 'cause it's big, tough, and flies through space.

His Vo'Quv is Gwazine and his Kar'fai is Doros, both named for ships from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. His Jem'hadar Escort Carrier is named Reinforce since I think it resembles a warship from the Mobile Suit V Gundam anime of the same name.

His Galor is the Badi Dea and his D'Kora is the Sumpntodo, named after warships from the PC game TIE Fighter. His Chell Grot is named the Darkwing after Darkwing Duck; I originally wanted a set of Jem'hadar shields to make it purple, but since you can only own one of those at a time and my Galor has that, I gave it the Reman set.

His Kamarag Battlecruiser is named Birdemic. I wanted Birdemic: Shock and Terror but that's too long. Kudos and condolences if you've ever heard of/seen it.

He's got a Mirror Vor'cha named the Rowsdower. That was what my standard Vor'cha was named before I discarded it in favor of the Mirror version. Another Kudos for figuring this one out.

He has a Mirror Vo'Quv named the Bruticus since I couldn't think of anything better than to name it after the Combaticons. I might rename it White Base so it's a "good" version of my normal Vo'Quv.

Finally, his Widow Fighter is named the Swoop because its colors remind me of the Dinobot Swoop.


I can't think of most of the ship names from my Vulcan Science off the top of my head, but I know she has a science vessel named Anaheim, after Anaheim Electronics from Gundam, and a Caitian carrier named Musai, also from Gundam. I wish you could make those carriers an olive green to really complete my illusion. (^_^)-b