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03-18-2013, 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by nierion View Post
If you avoid PuG groups and game with people you know it usually works out better. My fleet usually co-ordinates everything on voice over Mumble and we always have 8-10 mins left on the bonus 9/10 times.

The STF's are generally too easy and DPS seems to be king still. Aside from maybe Into The Hive, the elite ones aren't challenging enough and I'd like to see more aspects in STF added where a SCI or ENG is really needed. I find that only on Into The Hive do you really need a SCI & ENG so they can take the brunt of the damage that gets thrown out.

I'm sure these STF's use to be harder in the old days.......
I find it funny that people who play ESTF mission with people they know and who are good complain or say they are easy. Of course they are going to be easy because your playing with people you know and are good. Play with random people which is what most people do and they are not so easy. You want more of a challenge play more games with random people. Don't ruin it for your average person by making missions to hard for most random people to do.