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03-18-2013, 10:35 PM
At ensign level, engineers can have either emergency power to X abilities or engineering team. If an engineer takes emergency power to shields 3, an emergency power to shields 1 would be counter productive, it would be best to wait out the 15 seconds of down time and hit emergency power to shields 3 again. If you slot emergency power to weapons or engines or aux, activating them will put emergency power to shields 3 on cool while not giving anywhere near the boost of emergency power to shields.

Emergency power to shields not only boosts your shield power for 30 seconds, it also boosts shield resistance for the full 30 seconds. Emergency power to weapons boosts energy weapon damage for something like 5 seconds, emergency power to engines gives a 5 second boost to flight speed and maybe a touch of turn rate improvement for the 5 seconds as well, neither of which is on par with emergency power to shields, and emergency power to aux I think gives a stealth bonus if anything at all. So all the other emergency powers are clearly inferior and conflict with emergency power to shields, so... yeah.

The point was also made that tac team 1 is basically all you need as the biggest boon of it is the automatic shield distribution which does not improve with level. One gains practically nothing by slotting tac team 2 or 3, compared to the benefits of higher engineering and sci teams... though popping a sci or engineering team most of the time is not nearly as valuable as a tac team. So there's plenty of lack-o-balance right there. I've suggested that if manual shield distribution worked as quickly as tac team and worked like, for example, if I press the "up arrow" button to distribute shields to my front shield, it keeps that shield as full as possible at the expense of the other shield facings, and does so constantly until it is ordered to direct shield power to another facing. So "semi-automatic" shield distribution, as it were. It would make sense for tac team to fully automatically distribute shields as escort ships zip around and turn so fast that manual distribution would be difficult to manage. This would make tac team less of the end all be all, "you're an idiot if you don't have it." singular most important boff power in the game. This would allow cruisers and sci ships, and technically escorts if they want to, to manage their own shield distribution instead of NEEDING tac team and free up the ability to use their eng and sci teams. But I digress...

The point is that if one takes a higher level of an emergency power to-x skill, of which emergency power to shields is basically the only one worth a damn out of the whole lot, at any level, then they are completely screwed at the ensign level as they will have nothing but extraneous, pretty much never used skills to put in there "just so it's not blank."

I mean, yeah, there's the solution, "don't take any higher level of emergency power to shields 1 and just double up" but... that's pretty lame, and in the example of the aux to bat build, there's no need for a second copy... then there's the ships with three ensign boffs... and you could slot in eng team... but, again, you'll probably never use it because you so desperately need tac team.

So, make emergency power to weapons buff energy weapon damage for the full 30 seconds, make emergency power to engines buff turn rate and flight speed for the full 30 seconds, make aux buff sci powers by X percent for the full 30 seconds so that they are on par with emergency power to shields. This would not fully correct the issue, but go quite a ways to making a copy of emergency power to anything but shields not so "well that's never gonna get used." And then bring down the aux-2 powers or boarding party or extend shields, or SOMETHING and it's all good. I don't believe that they can't bring the powers down a rank, they just say that because they don't want to set the precedent and get pressured to bring down other powers, though, like I think I said before, I would prefer it if all powers went from 1-4 from ensign to commander so that all ships had access to all powers, more so and at higher levels if their ship is of that persuasion.

That... or they could stop trying to force us into a trinity and make all the powers available on every ship and let slotted boffs passively improve those powers much the same way captains passively improve them... but that would make too much sense and be way too canon... so definitely not happening.