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03-18-2013, 10:59 PM
Okay you want to do more original ship, the problem there is that most of your designs in game SUCK. Especially the escorts. I like New Orleans and I do like to see Constellation and Soyuz. And still the is the fan base you come up with very good designs. look at Ultimate Universe Mod, or Curtis's stuff. And for Neghvar. two words, REGENCY ONE. For Rommies you left one the Talon class, which IS the successor to the Rommie BOP. Then there's the designs activision had. with no liscence anyone shouldn't CBS have the rights to them. and one again look to the fans.
For bridge. well bring in the option for boarding NPC ships or them boarding. I remember the trailer of the Klingon fighting in a Galaxy bridge with the Klaxon lights going. I WANT THAT. Heck you can make capture ships worth something. EC exchange worth or maybe dil.