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(Part 3)

While the schematic still represented an Imperial-class ship, Gorel immediately noted that this one was presented using Cardassian formatting standards. Furthermore, it showed more detail, where certain aspects of the previous schematic had been left blank or vague. Gorel leaned in more closely, skimming some of the new details: hull composition, deflector shield frequency ranges, emitter load capacities, and so forth. After a few moments, he stepped back, and noticed his uncle watching him closely.


"Overall, the performance envelope has stayed almost the same, but there's definitely some different influences. I see that the EPS frequencies have range-shifted to something closer to Dominion standard than Starfleet. The equipment in the torpedo bays is also no longer Starfleet-standard, I see a lot more streamlining of the projectile-handling systems. These nodal overcharge capacitors in the shield emitter array are interesting as well, again that?s something more like what I recall from attack ships."

"Well spotted and exactly correct. This is the result of Starfleet asking us to create a modification of the Imperial-class design, with a particular eye to using our knowledge of Dominion shipbuilding techniques and sensibilities. Since Breen, Cardassian, and Dominion ships all tend to be more dedicated to warfare, we've de-emphasized some of the Starfleet elements and refocused the ship towards combat."

The legate continued speaking, portions of the display brightening in response to his words.

"As you can see, we've altered the hull composition, increasing the number of layers by 40% and adding additional neutronium and monotanium. The end result is denser and more time-consuming to construct, but as you can see the defensive profiles have all increased dramatically."

"The primary beam array armament of the ship has been changed from phasers to Dominion-design polaron-tetryon heterodyning emitters, and we've modified the array feeds to optimize the output efficiency. Similarly, we replaced the Starfleet multimission probe/torpedo bays with a dedicated rapid-reload torpedo assembly incorporating a Breen-style transphasic envelope booster. The ship still carries probes, but the larger models will have to be cold-launched from a cargo bay or loaded into a mission pack on a shuttle."

"The entire power grid has been modified to have increased redundancy, rather than the more standard branching trunk design. There's some efficiency loss, but the system as a whole is more resistant to damage and there's a greater capacity to reroute reserve power to every system and site on the ship."

Gorel listened and took in the information. Overall, the modifications eliminated some vestiges of Starfleet's general-purpose design ideals, optimizing the ship more for combat. Similarly, it pared down some of the excess power generation and storage capacity, trading long-term endurance for short-term survival. The more complex design would take additional time and resources to construct, although the abandonment of Starfleet-standard systems would help with integration of the Dominion-based modifications.

"It sounds like this should be a much more capable warship. I'd be curious to see if Starfleet would be interested in actually executing a design that makes so many departures from their norms."

"We had our doubts, as well, and the negotiations have been rather extensive. In some ways, the design arguments have been some of the easier ones. But in the end, we got them to agree."

His uncle's phrasing was curious, but Gorel nodded, frowning slightly.

"I do appreciate being invited to go over the specifications with you, uncle, but if the design has already been finalized, then why did you ask me to come today?"

"Oh, the design hasn't just been finalized, my boy. We laid down the keel in the Tekas yards almost six years ago. We had some unanticipated slowdowns in construction, as you'd expect, but we hit our projected completion date, and a Starfleet engineering team finished the systems that they wouldn't let us implement for them. The ship's been undergoing final trials for about the last eight months."

The legate pressed a command, and the schematics vanished, replaced by the sight of the ship coolly cutting through the void. Its lines were familiar to Gorel as a Starfleet officer, although harsher and more angular in places. The unusual alloys of its construction gave its hull a darker cast than the gray-blue tinted white of most Starfleet ships, and the Dominion-styled modifications also changed the emissions spectra of its nacelles and primary deflector dish from the usual red and blue to shades of pale and dark purple. Most Starfleet ships made Gorel think of bright birds in flight; this one was more like some kind of sea predator moving through the shallows.

"A beautiful ship. What's she called?"

"Ah, Starfleet wouldn't budge on that. We may have made the modifications and done the majority of the construction here, but it's still ultimately a Starfleet ship, so they went with one of their names. She's the U.S.S. Yorktown. And yes, she is beautiful. How would you like her?"

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