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03-19-2013, 12:44 AM
Your image server seem to be offline so I can't see your parses or even what parser you are using.

As for myself I always test my builds against Starbase 234 in Tau Dewa using the parser most players use, ACT. Starbase 234 is the most objective target I can think of because I can attack it solo and I am only allowed a fixed amount of time against the starbase. This means whatever dps number the parser reports is dealt solely by my ship. There is no other ship to artificially boost my dps.

And I have tested my pretty standard Vesta build consisting of Elite Scorpion Fighters, 3xAuxDHCs, 2xRare Mk XI Phaser Turrets, Kinetic Cutting Beam, Borg Console, 3-piece Vesta console set, Omega Force Engine/Deflector/Shield set, 4xRare Mk XI Phaser consoles with 2xCannon Scatter Volley, 2xTactical Team and EPtW. My Vesta can only manage 4.3k to 4.4k dps in my tests, so I still have a lot of difficulty believing your Aux2Bat Beam Array Vesta can double my dps.