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03-19-2013, 04:23 AM
Since reviewing new foundry missions while waiting for mine to qualify is becoming a hobby of mine I gave yours a go. It was a good mission, pretty straightforward but an entertaining half hour. The humour was good and was in keeping with the tone of the mission, nothing overly serious just a fun romp around blasting enemies.

A few things I noticed if you are interested:

-You've missed changing the default prompt text from "Interact" in a couple of cases, one of the "collect data" objectives and a disable forcefield.
-The combat was fine for the most part, you did warn players it is challenging so that's fine, it was easier than I thought it would be. The one bit I thought was badly balanced was when the orions show up, the groups are so close together that 3 groups attacked me at the same time. Pretty much were insta-killing one Boff at a time until I had to respawn.
-I did like the variation in enemies, it kept the combat being interesting as the player proceeds. One suggestion might be to rename them as they are meant to be holograms, maybe adding "holographic" before the normal name, or "holo-synth" afterwards (though if I understood right these were just regular holograms).
-Not sure if it is by design or not but the 3rd wave of klingons doesn't move into the transporter room as the first two do. This may be to draw the player out to the next area but I was stood waiting for a bit expecting them to turn up.
-Your forcefields are too short for the doors and corridors they block, leaving a blank space above it. You can fix this simply by putting a second forcefield on top of the first and giving it the same triggers. Really a minor thing though, only noticed half way through.
-Just a general note, using emotion animations on the player's bridge officers can be a bit immersion breaking. For instance I have a vulcan science officer who in this mission's dialogue was constantly smiling or looking sad, personally I think its best to leave emotions for those characters you add for the mission and allow Boffs to be a blank slate for the player.
-Lastly I noticed a few grammatical errors, mostly in the use of punctuation. One exclamation point is plenty when used sparingly. Three in a row is needless.

But as it stands its a good first mission. Humour that made me smile, a good story for those who read it and enough combat for those who don't. Keep it up.

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