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03-19-2013, 05:01 AM
Originally Posted by eisaakaz View Post
And I am sick of over powered DPS monkeys who ruin PVE because they feel their DPS gives them a right to blow generators early, blow Tac Cubes then complain when the team can't handle the extra ship pops, and those who call in borg cubes then either avoid them or die and leave the rest of the team to deal with the fall out.

Leaching sucks, but people who can't control their DPS output suck even more. It is great to have a ton of DPS on the team but part of being a team is making sure the missions get done correctly. If you see the team sucks, which you can tell in the first 30 seconds of any STF, then don't over charge your weapons. Take the extra five minutes and finish the mission correctly. All your complaining and purposely messing up the mission just wastes every ones time.

the biggest problem i run into is all these wanna be carrier captains..
they dont know how to control their pets, and their pets agro tac cubes, and blow generators and do all sorts of stupid things... jesus, there are carrier commands for a reason lol...

but i am a top dps player ( as an engineer, i out dps most tacs, not always, but id say 90 percent of the time).. my whole thing is not having people keep up in dps, but rather im sick of all the artards that dont know the fight, and then dont ask, and dont listen to explanation.. and constantly do the same failures over and over again..

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