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03-19-2013, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by marshalericdavid View Post
I find it funny that people who play ESTF mission with people they know and who are good complain or say they are easy. Of course they are going to be easy because your playing with people you know and are good. Play with random people which is what most people do and they are not so easy. You want more of a challenge play more games with random people. Don't ruin it for your average person by making missions to hard for most random people to do.
PvE in this game has already been dumbed down several times in preparation of the game going F2P,how easy do you want things to be in this game?Should they add some more difficulty settings?

Is this the future you seek?:

Forrest Gump


Sad truth is that what you call 'your average person' is a whiney 2yo that has a temper tantrum every time they are not rewarded for filling their diaper.The problem is people just want everything handed to them.Actually playing the game to get the rewards doesn't even enter their minds.

STF's are supposed to be challenging,they are designed for teamplay,and if you don't like a challenge or can't stand being on a team,don't do STF's.