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@@cmdrscarlet: You know, the thought of a male Deltan has somehow never crossed my mind. It's fun to see how the men are every bit the irresistible sirens as the women, and while some of the character details may have gone over my head (I'm definitely curious about what marcus meant about mirror universe Daikar), it's still a very concisely told, emotional story.
Thank you very much! Daikar was introduced in LC 37

To be revealing: I'm a transplant from the City of Heroes MMO after they shut down. Kathryn was my character there and I feel I successfully crafted her over the years on my "guilds'" message boards (needless to say, I am rebuilding her to a different audience). Daikar played a very prominent role over there. LC37 was a way to bring him back ... which is ironic when/if you read it. So, for this LC, I thought to bring him back in the "prime" universe. You'll be seeing more of him in the future as cameos as he is not a character in the game

As for him being Deltan, I always wondered what the bid deal was that Ilea was Deltan in ST:TMP. Then I read things like this in various places and thought ... whoa, ok neat!

Admittedly, I enjoy writing the (very) short pieces. Besides it being easy for me to churn out, I am deliberately letting the reader fill in holes if they choose. For example, why is Daikar on [i]Solaris/i] - is it an inspection or was he invited for other reasons? What happened in Club 47 - was there a brawl? What happened after the drinks - did Daikar just leave or did something else happen? Don't get me wrong, I love Love LOVE the relatively longer works presented by other authors here that are more complete and comprehensive, I'm just not built to craft a story like that ... yet.

Still, I would like to develop Kathryn's emotional and physical capabilities better, like almost everyone else here has done. For example, I feel like I know Aloysha better than I have let gulberat know about Kathryn. That may be just my perception though.
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