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03-19-2013, 08:06 AM
During my time in the SWTOR level 15 trial, I had a lot of fun. It offered something different from my daily games. However, when F2P came, all interest died. I don't even have the incentive to play 1-50 on a free account. The restrictions are so harsh they are in your face constantly. Unlike things like DCUO where restrictions aren't really noticed until you get to the end-game content which requires DLC. That system works fine. TOR failed when they didn't even let you chat in the world chat after your origin planet... Not to mention the horrible drop limits.

TOR should have gone with a route close to DCUO. Offer the all the content in the game at that point for free, then sell the rest as DLC to them. Members would get the content free of course with other benefits. Then of course they would offer microtransactions for fluff or other toy items.
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