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# 7 To whom it may concern
03-19-2013, 08:16 AM
Hello captains. As a ranking member of Starfleet Operations Command I feel it is my personal obligation to share my expierences with the fleet. First i would like to note that i have only been playing STO for about four months and went solo until about a month ago, when i was inducted as a member of SOC. The fleet excepted me with welcoming arms and i have never looked back. One thing you will see when you join is that there usualy is always another member on who is willing to answer any and all questions and partake in any events listed or things that you might wanna do. We also understand that we all have real lives and dont hold that aginst you if you arnt playiing all the time. Overall the company we keep and the way the fleet runs is very exceptional and im shure you will enjoy it very much. So if you find youeself wanting to join do not hesitate to post you information on this forum. Hope to see you soon!

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