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03-19-2013, 08:16 AM
What is a tank for? Sure it's nice to have premade groups with sci and tanks, it might save me a battery or two. I can tank fine an elite tactical cube in my fleet patrol escort. It doesn't help to grab aggro and tank for everyone, they can manage on their own already if they're spec'ed right with a proper build. 5 tac captain in good escorts finish CSE in <5min usually, sure one might get to die once or twice (most likely due to ignoring that heavy torp heading your way). Bring pure tanks or two pure sci, CSE is suddenly 10min long. I even took out a transformer on my own in my mirror qin raptor in infected elite, didn't die even once! Took me around 5min but I managed. This shouldn't be possible without another ship supporting me.
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