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03-19-2013, 08:24 AM
Depends on what you want to use it for. Personally I love the Gal-X on my Engineer. She's a wonderful tank ship and the Lance is nice for added DPS. I honestly don't get the complaints about the lance missing, seems to hit both times for 10K+ per shot for me all the time. Maybe it's captain skills in terms of points in your targeting?

I've found she works better for me when I run using 6X Beam Arrays and a torp launcher fore/aft. Currently I'm running her with 6X Mk XII Phaser Arrays(purple) and the Rapid Reload Transphasic fore/aft. I'm using the Breen Set until I get the Borg/Omega reputation going and with the buff Transphasics got in the last few months, you can do some nice burst damage with them now, especially with the Transphasic cluster torpedo which I sometimes substitute for a beam array.

Biggest issue with this ship is going to be turn rate, bar none, at least in my experience. That's one of the reasons I run a beam FAW build instead of cannons. I honestly just have too many issues keeping things in the forward arc to make CRF and spread fire viable and even though it can equip dual cannons, unless you are using Evasive to get 7-8 km out and then making a straight on run, the 45' arc makes the duals useless on this barge. Also you really don't have the tactical slots to take advantage of the higher level BO tac powers. I know some Tacs like the Gal-X for DPS but for me she's a great ship and more effective with an Engineer, since you have a lot of extra power to play with through Captain skills. Two neutroniums seem to give me plenty of hull resistance so I slap an RCS and Tachyokinetic Converter(from Lobi) in the other two Engineering slots. I also run auxilary to dampeners constantly to help the turn rate.

With the right bit of TLC this ship can be absolutely awesome, but it takes a long time to sort of play with it to find what works for you.