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03-19-2013, 10:44 AM
Federation has two very good escorts :fleet defiant retrofit and kumari
Fleet defiant has 17 turn ratio ,kumari 16.both have 5 tac consoles kumari has 5 fore weapons above all other things.

I think that the a possible kdf escort could be:
1.) fleet somraw with 5 fore and 5 tactical consoles
2.) fleet somraw with 5 fore and enhanced turn rate to 17
3.) fleet somraw with 5 tactical consoles and enhanced turn rate to 17

kumari has the hybrid cannon-Dbb weapon aka wing cannon that can hit 95k and the shield stripping console while the the modified somraw will have only the cloak as an equivalent for all the kumari enhanced consoles.

The escorts that OP proposed are interesting but for somebody who is running DHC+DBB+torpedo as I do the tactical seating's are no enough.
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