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03-19-2013, 11:43 AM
As a fellow torpedophile, a humble suggestion:

If you can fit 4 repair abilities, get an Engineering team I, and equip two maintenance engineers in space. If they're purple, this will drop the Engi team to GCD, allowing you to use it every 15 sec. As a bonus, using engi team before aux2struc/hazard emitters will boost the heal of the other two abilities by quite a bit

I fly a fleet tac escort retrofit. My engi team insta-heals about 6.5k hull HP every 15 sec. This boosts my aux2struc to 5k HP insta-heal every 15 sec, and my pair of hazard emitters (II and I) to 17.8k heal-over-time over 15 sec and 13.5k HoT over 15 sec - these last two, I can use within 30 sec of one another, though after that, the cooldown is a bit longer.

Truly epic tanking ability. Gives you 11.5k instant heal every 15 sec and two HoTs that heal a total of 30k HP over time over a total of 45 sec. Since I play Fed, and 95% of our cruiser pilots are incompetents who hoard their heals to themselves, it's also a necessity. Not bad in PVP either, as it's often the only way to survive a bugship/kumari alpha spike.

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