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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
The KDF doesn't have a single escort in its fleet.

The closest thing they have are Raptors.

Birds of Prey are NOT escorts. They are marauders. They have a different set of design rules that they have to adhere to. They have universal slots, and a battle cloak and less weapons than a ship of their tier is supposed to have. They also have much higher turning rates than any escort or raptor has.

These things have always been their own unique ship type. I'm not sure why people consistently confuse the BOP with an escort. The Raptor and its design standard is far more compatible with what the fed escorts have. Right down to the one fed escort that has a cloak, ends up being a mirror image of a raptor because of that.

It can't be because BoPs can equip dual cannons. So can battle cruisers and no one ever makes the mistake of comparing a Defiant to a Neg'Vahr.

It can't be because BoPs can turn well, because no Escort in the game has a BoP turn radius, not even the bug ship.

So what is it? Why do people keep equating BoPs with Escorts? The all universal consoles should at least be some tip off as to how flawed that comparison is.
were exactly did i confuse anything? i talked about escorts/raptors, bops and then cruisers. 'namely escorts' at the beginning does not mean i am branding every single ship in the post an escort.

raptors are escorts with a bit inferior turn and a built in cloak. cant see any other difference. nobody confuses bops and escorts, not sure what your rageing at. the fleet scourge is a fed pattern escort on the kdf side, theres 1 pure escort
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