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03-19-2013, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by stelakkh View Post
I don't think it really matters, to be honest.

The lack of any kind of actual 'exploration' has been lamented, complained about, creatively criticized and suggested since before (yes, before) launch.

There has been talk of a reworking of exploration since people (me included) started talking about how horribly repetitive and UN-explorative "exploration" mission were back in Beta over 3 years ago.

Guys, the game is what it is. I'd love to see a lot of things revamped (developer, for a start), but I have no faith it's going to ever happen.
Thankfully, 'faith' is not required here; just dreams and wishes. People are welcome to add 'but I don't expect it to ever happen' to their posts should they feel it necessary.

Personally, I find coming up with ideas to be fun.

Speaking of... This ended getting its own thread, but I came up with it for this one; so I guess it deserves a link at least - Adding more gameplay to our gameplay.

It didn't really catch on; but then, my threads usually don't (next one is going in general discussion I swear...).
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'

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