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I have a Mobius temporal destroyer, and my fleet just unlocked advanced fleet weapons.

I currently used 3 phased tetryon cannons, and 2 phased tetryon turrets, and a quantum with torp spread 1 and 3 and a cutting beam for hull damage.

So, my main question is: Fleet antiproton or tetryon?

I prefer the look and sound of tetryon, and like the shield stripping ability, (and trust me, I AM PEDANTIC about looks on my ship), but a few people have said I should switch to antiproton.

Someone also recommended that I use antiproton along with tetryon glider from the omega set, but I'm still only tier 2 omega, so I wouldn't be able to get the omega at a decent level for a while.

Can anyone help me, pro's and con's of both?