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Certainly happy to share thoughts.

How exactly did she wind up on Earth? Was she a war orphan? A regular orphan? Did her parents flee the Union before, during, or after the war? Did her parents send her away, either to be with friends or family? I don't necessarily need to know the answers, but they're just things to consider.
She was orphaned hours after being born, when the hospital in which she was born was bombarded by the Dominion. Given Cardassian record keeping, one can only assume that she had no other surviving direct family on Cardassia to take custody of her, and she was eventually adopted by a Human couple who responded to an appeal for foster parents for the surviving children. She has literally only ever known Human culture, so always viewed her external Cardassian biology as incongruous to who she was internally. She wasn't raised to resent the fact she was Cardassian, or to dislike Cardassians, she simply felt totally at odds between her internal and external personas, which I can only compare to someone who is transgendered

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Also, don't forget the echoes of the Dominion War. As a Cardassian brought up among humans, there may be implications that the Federation stole her (or rescued her) in the aftermath of the war. Maybe her parents were traitors or refugees? I definitely imagine a few worlds absorbing Cardassians fleeing from the Union in those times of strife. And then a Cardassian who was raised and looks human could be the ultimate symbol of the fear of Federation absorption of the Union and 'vae victis'. Even those who support the Federation's influences are likely to look askance at someone surgically modified to appear human.
That's true, and indeed, even though the modifications were done as part of a legitimate Starfleet operation, I figure the fact that she chose to retain a Human appearance would certainly rub a few Cardassians the wrong way... I just thought it might be worth considering the potential interactions should any officer-exchanges ever take place