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03-19-2013, 01:47 PM
The game plays fast and loose with continuity. I understand that they have to make allowances for game play and PC limitations. But, I bought STO to play a Star Trek game, not Generic Space Shooter: Adventures in Space.

Defiant's outer skin looks nothing like the ship model on the show. The Ambassador-class looks amazing, no reason the other Starfleet ships can't be as detailed. One of the excuses for a bland Defiant was the polygon count... but then six months later we got the Sao Paulo-class, with additional visuals. Could that same energy not going into improving the existing Defiant? The Quad-cannons alone were worth the C-Point purchase.

The discrepancy between DPS between canons and beam arrays. Most canon ships in Trek used arrays, not machine guns. The Pulse effect looks great on Tactical escorts, but it looks silly on everything else. The game should strive to look more like the movies and TV shows, not less.

The lack of a consistent Starfleet uniform. Granted, the back story says that Starfleet relaxed it's uniform code, but that changes the outfit from a uniform to a costume. If they had wanted to allow players to look unique, they should have added off duty options as a default.