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03-19-2013, 02:06 PM
Oh, and for the record and to be on topic with this thread, I'm down for blowing apart Romulan ships as a KDF player. And if it ever does come down to the Romulans as a 3rd faction when it comes down to PVP, alot of the Feds are going to howl. Mark my words on that! You think they complain about Klingon cloaks right now? If things are done right, the Romulans will be far worse. It was the Romulans that developed cloaks to begin with, it was the Romulans that traded that technology to the Klingons, and it is the Romulans that kept on developing more and more advanced versions, i.e. the cloak on the Scimitar.

And I also love it that on New Romulus, the "New Romulan Empire" is handing out cutting edge Romulan military technology (Rep Gear) to their longtime rivals, the Federation, and to their longtime, blood enemies, the Klingons. I know they're desperate, but LOL