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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
This 'making nice' with Romulans makes me sick. I want no part of it.
I'll admit this part has always struck me as incongruous.

Sure I can see Starfleet making nice with the Romulans. It's what they do.

But what does the KDF really get out of it?

The rationale we're given in game is that the Klingons are worried that the Federation and the Romulans will unite. So, to prevent the Federation from getting the inside track on an alliance, the Klingon Empire will also lend a helping hand to the Romulans and generate some goodwill of their own.

Sounds reasonable, sure. But it's not the Klingon Way.

"Convince your enemy to like you??? That's your plan???"

Klingons aren't going to simply ignore the fact that they have been on the wrong end of Romulan treachery before, and Klingons are definitely more than capable of holding a grudge. They are, however, also capable of being "sneaky" about being adversarial.

I would expect every interaction with the Romulans to at least allude to the ideas that:

1. The Klingon is always looking for the poison dagger behind the Romulan's back.

2. The Klingon is always looking for a sign of weakness to be exploited.
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