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Originally Posted by thestargaze View Post
Ok.. this is a plea to the devs of the game from a gamer who are simply tired to see yours characters underpants every time your character use the transporter (this specially goes for your female characters). Surely the effects for the beam ups can be changed?

For example the beam effect of the new movie are quite neat,.. and you don't see every single part of your "beneath" the cloths. Instead the body is surrounded by a beam of light that is in not transparent.

Please... make this happen!!!
LOL... That's the thrill of the latest teleportation technology, you can see everyone's underwear!

Seriously, I do have a decent card and find it disturbing that my characters mustache and eyebrows beam up to the ship before the rest of him. (I have a NVidia GTX 570 based card.)

If all of the objects could fade out rather than disappear one by one, it would be nice. Right now it looks like the character is being taken apart like an onion being peeled.
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