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Thanks! I was really going for a more subtle and thought-provoking piece than what I usually write, which I guess I succeeded at doing from what you and others have said.. The part where Bryan is touring his old ship is, in my opinion, the best work I've done yet in these LC's. One reason I included a sentient AI as a character is I wanted to explore something that had never really been done in Star Trek. While TOS did have the M5, I'm not sure if I would count that as a sentient...entity, given that it was still heavily based off of another person. The the idea I've tried to convey for Athena is that she is her own perosn, with her own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and reactions. Where I got the inspiration for the idea was Andromeda and EDI from the Mass Effect series. Plus, the generic computers in ST can be pretty boring at times.
Those are exactly the ones that crossed my mind too, and yeah, I'd agree that M5 wasn't so much sentient as a flawed but working copy of Daystrom's sentience (it'd be interesting to tie that into Soong and Data, if Soong perhaps drew on M5's basic design as a starting point for Data's programming). Though I swear there was an episode where they tested a new kind of computer and she was in love with Kirk... though when I type it out like that, it sounds like a crazy fever dream...

A ha, it was "Tomorrow is Yesterday!" So it wasn't a crazy fever dream... or at least it wasn't mine...

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It really did work nicely, and again, the present/flashback continuities reminded me again of Eric Lustbader's works. I thought all the characters worked really nicely, but I totally understand what you mean about writing Corspa, as I found a similar thing with writing Lieutenant Mayer, and surprisingly, he's developed into a totally different character than I'd intended him to be, when I named him
Some characters do have a way of doing that. You know, the stories I wrote back in CoH also tended to jump around in time, and I think it's partly how my brain works: my attention tends to jump randomly around to different things, so the stories I write tend to jump around too, focusing more on the relationship between the past and present rather than the sequential events. Plus, it's so much fun to start en medias res, right in the middle of an unlikely situation, and work backwards to find how they get there. The next story I write, though, will be told in chronological order... if only because that's how it's decided to form itself in my head.

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To be revealing: I'm a transplant from the City of Heroes MMO after they shut down. Kathryn was my character there and I feel I successfully crafted her over the years on my "guilds'" message boards (needless to say, I am rebuilding her to a different audience). Daikar played a very prominent role over there. LC37 was a way to bring him back ... which is ironic when/if you read it. So, for this LC, I thought to bring him back in the "prime" universe. You'll be seeing more of him in the future as cameos as he is not a character in the game
I'll look forward to it (and Marcus's story too)! And it's great to meet a fellow CoH refugee. Azera Xi isn't a direct transplant, but, though I didn't plan it that while creating her, she's a mixture of the themes from a few of my CoH characters. In many ways she's a reimagining of New World Daughter, a Cabal sorceress turned modern-day heroine, and that's where her ship took the name "Roanoke."

As for him being Deltan, I always wondered what the bid deal was that Ilea was Deltan in ST:TMP. Then I read things like this in various places and thought ... whoa, ok neat!
I so missed out on the subtext the first time I saw the movie: all my innocently prepubescent brain could make of Ilea was that being bald's a futuristic hairstyle.

Admittedly, I enjoy writing the (very) short pieces. Besides it being easy for me to churn out, I am deliberately letting the reader fill in holes if they choose. For example, why is Daikar on [i]Solaris/i] - is it an inspection or was he invited for other reasons? What happened in Club 47 - was there a brawl? What happened after the drinks - did Daikar just leave or did something else happen? Don't get me wrong, I love Love LOVE the relatively longer works presented by other authors here that are more complete and comprehensive, I'm just not built to craft a story like that ... yet.
Shorter stories are fine! They can quickly immerse the reader in the plot without making them go through too much exposition, and they can make a quicker, powerful snapshot impression than a longer story. That's exactly the roles the log entries are playing with Azera too (well, that and giving her rambling reflections on the game's missions ).

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Hi Captains!

Just a heads up that I am going to extend this challenge for 2 weeks rather than introducing #41 -- I would love to give everyone more time to compose and post an entry to one (or more if you'd like!) of our past literary challenges.

With this extension, #41 is currently scheduled to go live around Tuesday, 4/2. Have fun! Loving the entries so far.


Brandon =/\=
Awesome, and thank you! One of the most important stories in Azera Xi's chronicle is coming up soon, and there's one particular LC topic that it'd fit perfectly into...