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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
In time of war particularly, whosoever holds the highest commissioned rank is in command of a ship. Even a freshly minted Ensign could be left in command of a small ship full of crewmen and NCOs, if that's what's necessary. From what I remember of the tutorial (granted it's been a while), this is essentially how you wind up in command of your little starter ship despite being a mere lieutenant ?*everybody above you died. To cite an example from elsewhere in fiction, Bright Noa is left in command of White Base despite being a lowly ensign/lieutenant (paygrade O1). He was literally the only commissioned officer left alive, and therefore in command. He wasn't relieved by a higher ranking officer because the EFSF didn't have a lot of seasoned officers to go around, and they considered White Base disposable. You also have the example of Watters being given command of the Valiant despite being a mere cadet (he got a field commission from Ramirez before he died, but still).
Yes in times where an ensign or higher is the only survivng officer then yes they will assume command. And I can see the lower ranks commanding the smaller ships like frigates and light cruisers. It is common for an Ensign or Lt to be in command of a frigate, light cruisers a Lt or Lt Comm, Medium crusiers Lt Comm or Commander. Heavy cruisers, battle ships, carriers and anything of that caliber and size you won't find anything lower than the rank of Capt, or anything above that rank commanding those ships either.