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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
The lowest rank at which it makes sense to command a ship would be Lt. Cmdr. (hence the 'Commander' part of the rank.) And the maximum rank should be Captain, or posibbly some kind of 'Senior' or 'Post' Captain. (Not 'Fleet Captain', which is another thing entirely.)

So - 3 or 4 ranks only. Which says nothing about how many levels there would be.
It actually depends on ship size on what rank you will find commanding said ship, at least in the US Navy. Some of the smaller vessels are commanded by ensigns but when you get to carriers, which are the lead ship of the battle group, you wont find anything lower than capt commanding it nor will you see any rank above that either.

The US Navy had a high capt rank which was changed to commodore then later done away with. But I see no reason why the rank of commodore couldn't be inserted as per the conditions I stated in my original post. I think it would be appropriate to award the ranks higher than capt to those who have veteran status by their number of days of playing.