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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Some points I'd like to add:

The old game "Klingon Academy" (which I'm sure people remember, especially thanks to Christopher Plummer's wonderful performance) made it clear that the reward for passing the tests of command schoold was innedeate command of a starship.
While STO is a different game, something similar could certainly be used in this game for player characters:
They have done extraordinary deeds and there thus rewarded with a command.

Also the basic B'rel BoP (in terms of crew) would be the equivalent of a "Fast Attack Craft", which were actually commanded by lieutenants.
So lieutenant as a starting level would also work pretty well IMO.

I'd like to propose a change to the Klingon rank structure of a different sort:
The Klingon rank structure is a bit fuzzy but from what we've seen the majority of times, it would actually work a lot better if it had an army-style system.
We've seen lieutenant Klag as a second in command to a captain in TNG:"A Matter of Honor" we've seen Colonel Worf and Brigadier Kerla in Star Trek 6.
So why not an army structure instead, that ends with the equivalent to the navy captain (NATO OF-5) at colonel?
I like that idea of using the army ranks that match the naval ones since it appears thats what the Klingons use anyway.