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03-19-2013, 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
Somewhat agree.

As has been pointed out, it's more an RP thing; and when I'm in that kind of mood my KDF character is the kind of guy who'd give himself a rank like 'Brigadier General' even if nobody else would.

I do hate being an Admiral on the Fed side though.

I use titles and rank insignia to try and work around it; but NPCs and the game UI just love to remind me that I'm deluding myself.
To me its more than just an RP thing. I can remember way back in my creative writing class my instructor telling me that if I was writing a sci fi story I had to include elements of believability into it to lend it a bit of credibility. If not and you went too far out there with it then the reader would be put off so to speak and the story wouldn't be received well. Having us top out at admiral takes away from the credence of the MMO world Cryptic has built making it less palatable to the players.