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03-19-2013, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by carcharodon1975 View Post
PvE in this game has already been dumbed down several times in preparation of the game going F2P,how easy do you want things to be in this game?Should they add some more difficulty settings?

Is this the future you seek?:

Forrest Gump


Sad truth is that what you call 'your average person' is a whiney 2yo that has a temper tantrum every time they are not rewarded for filling their diaper.The problem is people just want everything handed to them.Actually playing the game to get the rewards doesn't even enter their minds.

STF's are supposed to be challenging,they are designed for teamplay,and if you don't like a challenge or can't stand being on a team,don't do STF's.
No that is not your average person. Your average person does not come to the forum. Your average person does not leech in the game. Your average person just plays for fun nothing more nothing less.

Yes they are designed for a challenge and your average person is challenged. I am a above average player and I only do ESTF missions with random people so I see what is going on with average people. I see average people die multiple times. I see optional objectives fail because of people dying to much and not having enough DPS from the team combined to get the optional because of people dying a little to much.

Their are already some missions that are very very very hard to get the optional with random people such as Infected: Manus. That missions in all my playing with random people only got the optional 2 times 1 on normal and 1 on Elite. Then their is The Cure Found that with random people the optional fails a lot and around 1 of 3 times the mission fails.

I enjoy ground missions for the most part and I have to wait a wile to get them started because average people don't like them because they are to hard for them. I don't want that to happen with all missions.

I have seen people in this forum and heard people in the zones talk about missions being to easy and they usually come from people from fleets who do missions together. Why is that I wonder?

You want more of a challenge play with random people. Do some of the harder missions with random people like Hive Onslaught and Into The Hive. Maybe stop using so much top of the line gear and duty officers.

If they adjust difficulty they need to be careful and find a balance. Don't make all missions to hard for average people.