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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Actually, I see Armor slots being what saves cruisers! If the engineering resist consoles were changed to their own types, that would open up half your engie consoles for other types! Plus, escorts could get only one armour slot, while cruisers get two! That wouldn't make things more generic! That would make Tanking actually have a point! IT'S BRILLIANT.
Don't take me the wrong way here when I spout off on Engineering consoles. Off what's left of the engineering consoles, post nerfings and post changes to science consoles, other than SIF, which of the Engineering consoles really have decent benefits? The RCS consoles, depedning on ship turn rate, either help a lot, or in terms of cruisers, don't really help a lot. The power boost consoles, the some what of a boost they give compared to what used to is negligable at best. Just my opinion here, but I think the slots can be used from something more beneficial than a small boost.

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There is nothing wrong with cruisers! They tank fine as it is and they deal plenty of damage also. Even with science, I took out two of Cast's ships last night, one being a Jem Dread with just a quick slap together that I wasn't happy with. Pop in Z's thread and check out some of the builds on our boards. DPS tanks are not hard to make. We already have armor in a way that makes sense. Neutronium Alloy for example and the limit on engineering slots based on ship type is already a good system that works that doesn't need to be screwed up!
I don't think my flying bricks need to be more... bricky... as they are, without armor consoles. I've seen some builds all types of ships that make what engineering tanks I've got look like tissue paper.

Damage wise in a cruiser, that's majorly from using a tac captain in a cruiser. My Engi/Cruiser is a Hull Tanker and I'm still tweaking my Sci/Cruiser set up.

Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
But Neutronium is the only one that's useful in any true fashion. That renders 80% of all engie consoles completely useless. The more I think about it, the more I like this idea.
True that, but Imagine the outcry a lot will put out about not being able to scratch people in PvP will be somewhat of a joy ride?

5 EC that will have anything but a calm and tranquil fiasco on the boards here bout it, anyone? :p