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03-19-2013, 06:11 PM
The OP mentioned they just unlockled Advanced Fleet weaponry, they are a long way off from elite. The acc2 dmg 2 will be great for those of us with that will have access to them, but for smaller fleets Advanced weaponry is amazing.

as Stated before the AP setup is better for overall damage, Tetryon is great at dropping shields. Vs unshielded targets you lose out on the proc.

Do not laugh. I have a Fleet Escort Retrofit that runs 2 Fleet transphasics, 2 Transphasic cluster fore, 2 fleet transpasics , 1 disruptor turret aft.

Running Adapated MAC0, uni Assimilate console, Rules 62 uni console. APOIII,TrpSprdIIIx2,ATPBIx2,TactTmI x2

That lone disruptor keep ATPB on target and the occasional proc means My custer torps do obscene damages.
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