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03-19-2013, 07:31 PM
I still use the odd SIF console on my cruisers. They tank easily enough that more than one, the rare case I use two, Neutronium Alloy's. The way things stack hinders the benefit with the more of a particular console you use unless you are trying to max that particular effectiveness. There is only one thing I stack in all of my builds in their entire slots and that's tac specific weapn consoles. If I've got 4 tac slots and I use Phasers. You can guarantee I have 4 Phaser Relay's in there.

Like Z said. I don't feel the need for my Ody to be more of a tank either. It puts out some very decent DPS and is still very hard to kill. Having an unkillable build (for me anyway) take the fun out of playing. If there was no risk of dying, I'm going to get really bored really quickly!