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Literary Challenge #26: Senior Officers

Counselor's Log, Lt. Brel Tan recording.

Per your instructions, Admiral Quinn, I have attached my analysis of the senior personnel of the cruiser USS Bastogne. I found this crew very - interesting. This may have been the best possible crew to assign to this particular ship.

Commanding Officer: CDR Grunt: Grunt does not see himself as an "exile" from the Ferengi Alliance, as the Ferengi ambassador has described him; instead, he sees himself as having been invited to join Starfleet as a representative of his people. However, while the defining characteristics of the Ferengi seem to be greed and a level of caution that other races might describe as "cowardice", Grunt is outgoing, overtly friendly, and physically courageous to a degree seldom seen in his species. It is possible that this is symptomatic of what might be regarded as a psychiatric disorder in the Alliance; fortunately for Mr. Grunt, his psych profiles are almost perfectly descriptive of what we expect of our starship commanders. I suspect that you are correct in your belief that prejudice against Ferengi may have resulted in Grunt's being assigned to several ships that are best described as sub-par. However, he has made the best of each instance, even when his first command was destroyed by a Borg attack.

Science Officer/First Officer: LCDR Roclak: I will confess, I was nervous when I was told that one of my charges on this ship was to be a Klingon. However, Mr. Roclak has proved to be quiet, friendly, and almost completely the opposite of what one might expect from a Klingon. After a number of sessions, Roclak confessed to me what no other member of this crew except his commander knows - he was discommendated by the Klingon Empire, and stripped of his House, for the "crime" of being more interested in scientific exploration than in personal honor and advancing the Imperial military. It would seem that the Klingons were disappointed in Mr. Roclak for being more like a Starfleet officer than a Klingon warrior. Their loss is our gain, however - he is keenly intelligent, very curious, and highly motivated to help others. Overall, he is proving to be an excellent officer.

Helm Officer: LCDR Thy'bar Gydap: Mr. Gydap seems exceptionally shy, particularly for an Andorian thaan, traditionally the more aggressive of the two "male" genders. This would appear to be due to his antennae being exceptionally sensitive to bioelectric fields, to a degree approaching Aenar telepathy at times. He is highly conscientious, striving to be the most efficient officer he can possibly be; this may have something to do with his separation from his family. He is upset that his four-bond has yet to produce young, and is not easily calmed by assurances that such difficulties are not uncommon and are often overcome. This has not, to date, distracted him from his duties, but it has led to a degree of social separation from his comrades that has led to his being transferred from several other vessels before winding up aboard the late Hypatia under Mr. Grunt. Under Grunt's command, relieved of the expectations put on him in other crews, Mr. Gydap appears to be thriving, although he does still return to Andoria at every opportunity. Grunt has seen fit to keep Gydap distracted and occupied by assigning him as the ship's navigator, as well.

Chief Engineer: LCDR Vovenek: As a Pakled, Mr. Vovenek gives the appearance of being slow-witted and slow to move. However, his bulk belies a sharp mind with a natural bent for engineering, and a quick wit with a subtle sense of humor. It did take several sessions to get past Vovenek's defensive exaggeration of Pakled stereotypes; recommend you look into the treatment of minority races at Starfleet Academy, as this would seem to be the root of his issues. I have personally witnessed Vovenek's improvised repairs saving the Bastogne on at least five separate occasions during my time here, lending credence to the idea that the Hypatia's fate may have in fact been substantially delayed by his work. It would be a relief to him, at first, to be assigned to a more reliable ship; however, he would quickly find himself bored. It would be a waste of his natural talents to be an engineer aboard a more, well, stable craft.

Chief Security Officer/Tactical Officer: LCDR Shelana: Biologically zhen, Shelana abandoned both her planet and her clan name when the other members of her four-bond were killed by an Undine terrorist attack on Andoria. After a period of mourning, she enlisted in Starfleet, where she has distinguished herself as one of the Federation's fiercest and most dangerous defenders. Records show that her barely-contained rage has disturbed a number of her previous commanders, resulting in multiple assignments; she seems to have found a niche as a member of Grunt's crew, however, and has made something of a name for herself training other Tactical specialists in the Fleet. Officers who have served under Shelana are in particular demand aboard tactical escort craft assigned to various front-line operations on Federation borders. It has been said that if you can survive two years as one of Shelana's security personnel, you can survive anything after that. While this has led her to be regarded as something of a loose cannon, she makes an excellent fit for this particular crew.

Conclusions: This crew's exceptional efficiency reports are not a "fluke", as Admiral T'nae had first assumed, but appear instead to stem from the unique synchronicities found in this rather unusual group - this "motley assortment," to borrow the Admiral's own term. It is my considered recommendation that this team be kept together on all future assignments, as far as is practical given Starfleet requirements.

- Lt. Brel Tan, Ship's Counselor, USS Bastogne NCC-93385
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