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03-19-2013, 09:06 PM
are carrier battle groups not commanded by an admiral? yes, i understand that that's not just one ship, but when he commands a CBG, is he not also in command of his flagship?

edit: also, the command structure in star trek's universe is clearly different than that of modern militaries...i.e. i'd doubt that you'd see a lieutenant commanding a ship of the line...even a small one. also, in the modern military, (you'll have to confirm/deny this, because while i'm relatively sure, i'm not positive) there's a limit to the number of admirals there can be at any given moment, yes? *walks around esd, watching the crowds of admirals*

after-shower-edit: and for the record: i agree. having everyone be a vice admiral is weird. my suggestion would be something like this. section 13 and their klingon analogue (i dunno...klingon intelligence? i know they have to have a secret police or something) recruit us early on in our carreers (i know feds get missions where sec13 comes into play pretty hard, not sure on klink), and they give us ranks that're roughly equivalent to the current rank structure, but are named differently, and are technically outside and a step up from the typical starfleet/klink chain of command. it would explain why we're able to refuse missions from admirals. how we're able to form our own fleets outside of starfleet's chain of command. why we can never be demoted. probably some other stuff as well.

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