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03-19-2013, 09:12 PM
Trinity should work in a way that allows each class to defeat each other, and not simply pidgeon-hole them into restrictive roles requiring mutual support. It's the mentality of Tac-Escort-DPS, Eng-Cruiser-Tank and Sci-Sci-Support that has led to the situation that the game now finds itself in. Now, only Tac-Escort is viable under most situations because it is the only class with the ability to consistently defeat another ship type in combat, as well as because its attributes are by far more preferable than other combinations.

STO should allow every class had the tools necessary to defeat one another in combat, but still being able to fulfil a specific role when working as part of a team. If you look at Diablo I, they also had a three-class trinity with the Warrior, Rogue and the Mage. Each class could learn and equip each other's weaponry and skills, but none of them could clearly match another class in terms of potency for a given area. Each class could use their respective skills to kill another in combat, but could also work together as a team. The same applied to Diablo II, even though abilities became limited by class.

To summarize:

Every class should have the option of working independently


Every class should also have the option of working together, thereby increasing their overall effectiveness

I agree with the idea of class trinity, but I disagree with the idea that all character classes and ships should be forcibly shoved into narrow, specialized roles. Design decision should account for the fact that while one ship may be better geared for one role than the other, it should not come at the expense of its ability to presumably defeat another vessel in combat.