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03-19-2013, 10:15 PM
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This addition is...telling, however. Do they notice poor sales of [DMG] x3 weapons? Is this an attempt to get more Dil out of the system? Interesting.
Advanced Fleet weapons are "cheap" as cost about half the Dilithium that D-Store weapons costs and are better, the "real stuff" as Mk XII Purple gets too expensive on the exchange to be a option.

I suppose they caught up the fact people have a very low impression of [Dmg], in the tread about the Andorian Phasers and its upcoming "subsequent fix" there were people asking what the modifier would be since [Dmg]x3 isnt very good and one even bought up the [Acc]x2 on the D-Store would perhaps make then outperform the Advanced Andorian Phasers if the modifier was [Dmg]x3.