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03-19-2013, 10:34 PM
Simple answer.

The community isn't ready for any turnys right now.

However if we start doing things like "lethal lotteries" on the weekends... I think we would be doing a much larger service to the community in general.

I think we have a good time right now where we have lots of new PvP players... many of whom don't really have a fleet they run with.

1) we can fill the ranks on a few more fleets.
2) we can perhaps start a few more fleets.
3) those guys are going to have a lot more fun
4) some of the old guard and new guard may become a bit more friendly

I think bottom line we will shoot ourselves in the foot a bit taken the good will people have built in general with things like boot camp... and throw a lot of it away acting like we act in tourny mood... I find that atmosphere fun as most of the old guard do... the new guys. We need to ease them into it.

I think what we need is someone to put together a lethal lotto day, myself.

Lets get people showing up on a weekends looking for some fun... and at some point it will be clear we have hit a boiling point where the community will support a proper tourny.