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Heh heh heh...

Well, let's see what response this one gets. It's not as whimsical as the last, but future entries probably will be.
I definitely liked that look at your crew--it really explains a lot. I also see that you and I both agree that Starfleet, despite all of the talk about being this utopian, discrimination-free organization...well...isn't.

How is it that this many outcasts and people who could seem socially maladjusted according to their respective societies ended up on one ship in the first place? (That said, it seems to have worked out quite well, as the counselor pointed out!)

BTW, if you happen to follow the Star Trek: Outpost podcast, I can't help thinking Vovenek would be among the few actually able to thrive on that show's Deep Space Three, with his resourcefulness and ability to improvise (not to mention the suggestion that he'd be bored out of his skull in a more stable environment!).
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