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I also see that you and I both agree that Starfleet, despite all of the talk about being this utopian, discrimination-free organization...well...isn't.
Humans, sadly, are humans; four hundred years and star travel just mean we'll find somebody new to look down on. And how often did we see Quark being underestimated on DS9 because "everybody knows" what Ferengi are like? For that matter, see Mr. DeSoto's reaction to the first look at Romulans in the TOS episode "Balance of Terror". It took the stern words of the captain for him to hide his instant disdain for Mr. Spock. And then there was the way Data was treated when he took command of the ship whose name escapes me, when blockading the Romulan/Klingon border... Yes, sadly, prejudice is alive and well, even in the early 25th century.

How is it that this many outcasts and people who could seem socially maladjusted according to their respective societies ended up on one ship in the first place?
Partly luck of the draw, partly Grunt finagling to get Roclak on his crew (they met in the Academy), and partly a tendency on the part of a certain assignment officer to dump the losers on the Ferengi, because nobody's ever going to trust a dangerous assignment to a Ferengi, right? (He'll get his come-uppance; I don't know yet if that will be on-screen, though.)
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