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03-20-2013, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
Depends what you class "unnecessary"... Star Trek fans would probably not consider a vital function of how shields actually work as "unnecessary". I mean sure... if you want Star Trek: Online to be something akin to the simplicity of Star Wars... then sure...

But Star Trek has always explained how its technology works and I think that is what gives it somewhat more credibility then other Sci-Fi genres.

Some of us enjoy technobabble and complication because thats how Star Trek has always been... well to me at least. Details are important.
"Unnecessary" means "unnecessary". If we started to want STO gameplay to depend on the often times contradictory technobabble we may as well just freeform RP everything. You do realize that in Trek technobabble was often used merely to pad out episodes and needlessly create drama when none was called for? Excessive technobabble was sloppy or downright terrible writing, the last two trek series were notorious for it.