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03-20-2013, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by lagunad View Post
Expecting to get help from submitting a ticket in this game

I have been playing since launch, and there are three possible outcomes to a ticket:

1) Get a canned response to a different problem, indicating that your ticket wasn't read. This happens even if you specifically say in your ticket that you tried the solution suggested, or that the problem isn't the one that the suggested solution fixes.

2) Get a canned, and thus insincere, apology basically telling you that they won't help you and you're screwed.

3) Wait days or weeks and hear nothing, until your ticket simply vanishes or is closed.

I have submitted well over a hundred tickets during the years I've been playing. Not a single one ever received a helpful response. Not. One.

Therefore, in some sense, immediately closing or deleting tickets represents an improvement, since it eliminates any baseless hope of getting help. Basically, it used to take forever to get an useless response, whereas now it's instantaneous.

Worst customer service of any MMO I've ever played. No other game even comes close to being as bad.
quite untrue and unfair, i got help in most of my tickets, response times are awfull tho, sometimes it took me over a week to solve the problem with multiple msg between me and gm. and i also play since day one with few breaks.

about the ticket system, ingame one is just to file ticket after that you wont get any response ingame, you have to check web one and talk with gm/support there.