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03-20-2013, 12:33 AM
How about this as a plot twist...

Pure speculation...

Relations between the Klingons and Romulans has historically been an on-and-off type of affair for hundreds of years. If I understand the early history (TOS) well enough, Romulans and Klingons had some sort of a alliance.

Now...let's look at the New Generation episode where the Enterprise C ends up in the Future and Tasha Yar goes back in time on it ("Yesterday's Enterprise"). In this episode, the Klingons are at war against the Federation, and the Federation was losing -- badly. Yet...because the Federation meddles with time, the Enterprise C goes back in time and fights at Narendra III, and Tasha Yar gets captured....

Now...switching gears and looking at STO. We have a severely weakened Romulan race -- their empire is for all intents and purposes shattered and in disarray. Sela is the child of Tasha Yar, correct?

What if...the Romulans look at the problems associated with their own government and Empress Sela, and determine that Empress Sela's existence is in fact the ultimate betrayal of Federation meddling in their culture and government? if you look at everything Sela has done within the future history of Star Trek - to both the Federation and Klingons, and the disasters to the Romulan Empire that resulted...the truth is that if the Federation had NOT interfered at Narendra III, then there would have never been a Sela -- and in fact even if it meant war with the Federation as a result, the Romulan Empire would have been strong, united, and powerful in that other alternative history -- perhaps not a shattered wreck, even with the destruction of their homeworld...which ALSO can likely be laid at the feet of the Federation as well (according to the new Star Trek movie, didn't the Federation Council deny Romulas aid...and wasn't Ambassador Spock acting on his own initiative to save the planet from the supernova, which he failed to do???)! This lays the foundation for an anti-Federation movement to pick up steam in what remains of the Romulan Empire...

In terms of honor -- the old-style Romulans (Balance of Terror, TOS) were much closer philosophically to the Klingon concept of warfare than that of the Federation.

What if...the future of STO holds a Romulan-Klingon alliance? Not a third faction, instead, the KDF "faction" becomes a hybrid faction of two equal parts, both opposing the Federation. The Romulans would not be a subject race of the empire...but a co-equal partner in the war against the Federation.

Like I said, just speculation..but it would solve a LOT of the problems with the KDF faction currently. The KDF faction would get a significant influx of new players, content would progress along dual paths -- Klingon and Romulan -- the Romulan ships, which can cloak and which are therefor easily integrated into Klingon fleet tactics, can fill gaps in the KDF lineup.

It would also be the ultimate of situational irony -- most of the excitement and calls for a Romulan faction are on the Fed side, not the KDF side...wouldn't it be ironic if those same Fed players, who really, really, dislike the KDF yet love the idea of a Romulan charactor, would have to join the KDF in order to satisfy that longing?

Once again, just speculation...but fun to consider all the same...