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03-20-2013, 12:55 AM
Well now reading all of the above, I'm even more unsure. I've used tetryon the most (only doing brief jumps to plasma-disruptor and phased polaron), so I think I'll stick with fleet tetryon. Also, saves me having to spend tons on decent mag regulators, as I already have 4 green mk xii tetryon pulse generators. TBH, I'm fine for hull damage as well thnks to the jem'hadar bridge officer's torp spread 3, a cutting beam, and another torp spread (1 or 2, me forgets)

Unless someone brings up a REALLY good point about anti-proton, as frankly I can live without th 20% crit bonus, I'll stick with 2 tetryon dhc and a dc on front (both with dmgx2 accx2), and 2 tetryon turrets with dmgx2 accx2 (th eother slots eing taken up by the torpedo and cutting beam)

Why don't they bring out anti-tetryonic plasmic disruptive phased polarized weapons already?