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I played STO for a bit a while ago as a solo player. I eventually decided to join a fleet and see what it was like. I joined a big fleet with hundreds of players, none of whom knew each other. Fleet activities were akin to any Pick Up Group I could have gotten into without the fleet. So I decided to quit STO, it just got boring.

A few months ago I got bored with yet another game and decided to check out STO again. There was a new Rep toys and...not enough else to keep me interested for more than another couple of weeks.

But then I met a gregarious member of SOC. He engaged me in conversation and after a few days of running into each other he invited me to the fleet. I was hesitant at first. I knew that my interest in the game was likely to wane shortly, and I didn't want to disappoint anybody.

But this fleet was nothing like the one I had been in before. The members are all very friendly, helpful, and funny. I was welcomed immediately. Everyone knew who the other members were. Events became more fun and ran more smoothly. I very quickly began to feel a part of this family and before I knew it, months had flown by.

The game I thought would get boring again in a few weeks is now monopolizing my free time. I can't wait to get on and play. It is all because of this fleet and the wonderful people in it. So to those members who read this thank you.

And to those looking for a place in game to call home, a group to enhance the game, and a fleet you can be proud of; you'll never find a better choice than SOC.