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Well now reading all of the above, I'm even more unsure. I've used tetryon the most (only doing brief jumps to plasma-disruptor and phased polaron), so I think I'll stick with fleet tetryon. Also, saves me having to spend tons on decent mag regulators, as I already have 4 green mk xii tetryon pulse generators. TBH, I'm fine for hull damage as well thnks to the jem'hadar bridge officer's torp spread 3, a cutting beam, and another torp spread (1 or 2, me forgets)

Unless someone brings up a REALLY good point about anti-proton, as frankly I can live without th 20% crit bonus, I'll stick with 2 tetryon dhc and a dc on front (both with dmgx2 accx2), and 2 tetryon turrets with dmgx2 accx2 (th eother slots eing taken up by the torpedo and cutting beam)

Why don't they bring out anti-tetryonic plasmic disruptive phased polarized weapons already?
I used Tetryon a long time ago back in Season1, and now it is the only energy type I no longer use at all Its anti-shield focus is a big liability vs. hull tankers, so tetryon-based ships usually have to run torps to compensate. As previously mentioned, Tetryon-only builds really suffer in STF's since most opponents are 5% shields + 95% hull.

If you're a tactical captain, then antiproton is going to be one of the strongest available energy weapon types (especially if you spec for max critical hits and severity). Otherwise feel free to ignore it.

AP chews through shields and hulls equally well, without any DPS-drop off nor sporadic proc-dependencies like Tetryon. If you want shield-drain abilities, then consider the 2-Piece Omega set bonus Tetryon Glider with max Flow Capacitors. TG actually outperforms full tetron-only ship builds not running Omega items because it triggers with every weapon hit, while the tetryon proc only has a 2.5% trigger rate per weapon per firing cycle (yes, this is quite depressing).